My Coaching Services

Private Coaching

Private coaching is working one-on-one with me and one of the equine partners at Happy Hooves Oasis. These sessions last around 90 minutes and provide undivided attention to the client. A horse handler is present for safety reasons and is bound by the same confidentiality agreements as the coach.

Work with Tiffany on completing your unfinished business
couples therapy using horses at Happy Hooves Oasis

Couples & Family Sessions

Couples and family sessions are encouraged for building stronger and deeper relationships with the people in our homes. They can precede one-on-one sessions or be followed by individual sessions. Oftentimes when one person is struggling, it affects the entire family dynamics. Family sessions are geared towards gaining understanding and providing support while being genuinely heard by everyone involved. Family sessions are typically a day at the farm similar to a workshop. Couples intensives are one whole weekend with follow-up sessions over the phone or video conferencing available.

Groups & Workshops

Groups are weekly events of up to 10 people lasting around 3 hours. They can be attended in addition to or instead of individual sessions. They are interactive and participation is encouraged, not required. Workshops are an all-day option for families, individual departments within corporations, squad or platoon team building days, or family readiness groups that need extra support. They are available with expressed interest or quarterly. Retreats are a once-a-year destination opportunity for a deep dive with a small group over a 4.5-day period. The offer camaraderie, the ability to unplug, undivided attention to healing, fun activities, beautiful destinations, guilt-free time away. Happy Hooves Oasis offers a few different options for retreats throughout the year. Contact us to see what this year has in store.

Phone Coaching

Phone coaching is a great option for people who need help with accountability and clarity, but only have 30 minutes at a time to dedicate to themselves. Phone coaching is available by itself or in addition to an EGCM Session. While it is referred to as “Phone Coaching” it can be done via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or another face-time application. This can also be a great option for clients who are not local or are traveling for extended periods of time, i.e., deployments, trainings, terminal leave, etc.


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Join our Private Facebook Community

If you have already booked your discovery session and would like immediate support, join our private Facebook group to join other veterans and families who have already experienced their first sessions. This group allows the freedom to speak your truth without judgment or advice all while getting support to be free of the madness that deployments and trauma can create. Let us be your blessing of support, courage, hope, and safety through your healing process. We celebrate accomplishments and provide virtual hugs or pats on the back when needed for those times we struggle to see our clear paths. If we consciously alter the way we speak to ourselves, we can change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Reintegration requires stable support, hope, a lack of judgment, and a safe space to share our individual needs and fears. There is not a right or wrong way if you are ready and willing to start your journey through trauma and uncertainty to healing and understanding.

Happy Hooves Oasis Private Facebook Group

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