Coaching Testimonials
& Success Stories

Tiffany is strong, very strong and yet she can hold a gentle, non-judgmental space that feels safe. Her beautiful eyes and smile put me at ease and allowed me to share authenticity.

- Carrie in Colorado

Tiffany did an amazing job in connecting to her client. She has a confidence in her coaching style which makes it look fluid and graceful.

- Dana T. in Red Bluff, CA

Tiffany coached me through a big decision that required big action for me. Releasing my pent up frustrations was so incredibly freeing for me. I now feel strong, decisive, and ready to take my action to make this decision a realty. I am looking forward to my new freedom.

- Morgan S. in Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you Tiffany for being an amazing, strong woman, loving & compassionate teacher and incredible space holder for healing! You wear your heart on your sleeve which makes you such an authentic heart healer. Bless you and all the amazing work you do!

- Teena D.

Tiffany coached me through an amazing experience. She allowed me to be in the moment, I felt safe and held to openly express and feel what was taking place. She is an amazing coach... Thank Tiffany!!!

- Adrienne in E Stroudsburg, PA

Thank you! Your support and space you held for me as I released and let go of pain I carried with me my whole life is undeniable. I hold gratitude for you always! I will never forget this experience! I leave lighter. Thank you.

- Suzanne H. in Parker, Colorado