Meet The Horses

Hi. I am Katie.

I am an introvert, and I would rather listen than speak. I am pretty sure I am my mom’s favorite because she is my favorite. When I first met Tiffany, she was so quiet and gentle. She let me stand next to her and didn’t require physical contact like a lot of people that wanted to buy me. I knew she was my human before she did. When we finally started working together, I told her very clearly that if she wasn’t 100% grounded, I was not interested in talking to her; if she was thinking about another horse, she didn’t need to be near me. It was me or them, not both at the same time. One day, she took me away from my herd and put me in a stall at a new farm. She spent all day with me and worked and learned and played and I got scared a couple of times and she stayed with me and told me she would be brave enough for both of us. We had so much fun. We worked extremely hard and I got a lot of pampering. The food was amazing, and my stall was so clean. I knew I had found the right person. After her accident, we did less riding and working and more communicating. She started thinking her words instead of speaking them out loud. I couldn’t believe she was finally speaking my language. I want to be close to her all the time now. We still ride sometimes, and I am on my best behavior, and when we are done, we talk, and she lets me graze and relax while we talk. I always know when she is a little bit off, so I use my energy to bring her back to normal.


Hi!! I am JOEY!!

I am very curious and busy. My best friend is Katie. She lets me share her food and follow her around. When I met Tiffany and her better half (he is my favorite person), they were very patient with me being busy and excited about seeing people. One day I met a small version of Tiffany’s husband and he is my all-time favorite person. I really love small people. They give the best hugs, and they are shorter than me. Since Tiffany has taken over my care, I have gotten to see all sorts of new places. She taught me about going on adventures with her on my back and this weird small halter on my head. Tiffany also lets me meet new people who are sad and unsure of their connection with the creator and other humans and even sometimes themselves. I love giving these people hugs and listening to them and helping them find love for themselves again. Some of them say I am “big,” whatever it means it must be good because they always feel better after I spend time with them, and they return my hugs. I love helping people find their inner confidence and leadership. I like knowing that the person I am with is ready to take on the world and be my leader. Tiffany says I am funny and smart and a great teacher to everyone I meet.


Hello world, my name is Magnum.

While my eyes can’t see you anymore, I know exactly where you are, and I can feel you from a mile away. I know when you are telling yourself the truth and when you aren’t. I know whether you are thinking too much or feeling your way into your truth. I am old and wise, and I love attention and showing people just how well we can see without using our eyes. Come let me be your guide to finding your inner confidence and connection to Source.


My name is Hershey.

I met Tiffany right before she started her gestalt coaching program. I hadn’t had my own person in over 4 years. I was in a paddock getting my meals handed to me twice a day and I saw the farrier every other month. I wanted my own person again but the people that fed me were not interested. Tiffany started paying attention to my paddock mate and teaching him new things. I wanted to be a part of it and there was something about her that I wanted to be close to. She was always friendly and loving and called me pretty. Tiffany always gave me 100% of her attention when she started working with me, but she always asked for so much work. I am told that when the new year came, the man that fed me every day told her that I was hers. She cried and my heart almost burst. I was so happy! A little while after that, she had an accident and we stopped working hard. She started spending time with me just to spend time with me. I noticed a change in her mood and behavior, and I would let her stand with me heart to heart. I would lower my head to her chest and think very hard about how much I loved her and our time together. I did everything I could to tell her that I was happy to have my very own person and heal her heart. Then something happened. I didn’t see her very often and when I did, she seemed confused and lost. I stepped up and reminded her that nothing else mattered except right here and right now. Her new title for me is Boss Mare and boundary setter. I want to be involved in everything. I show everyone I meet who they are if they listen to me. If they are lost, I step up and move them around until they can show me that they are capable of being their own boss. Nobody can push me around, so I will teach you my secrets if you are ready to meet me and learn from the best.

My name is Quinn.

Tiffany calls me Quinn. I have never heard such a quiet happy voice in a human. Every time she comes out to see me, I get an amazing bucket of really good food. I am still not so sure about people. Tiffany keeps telling me that she will work through it with me and is so patient when I get nervous and do not want her close. I have learned from the rest of the herd that she is really nice, and she will teach me new things when I am ready to learn them. I let her in my space now and she is the first human who I am fairly sure speaks my language. I am learning to trust humans who trust me. I am learning that some humans are broken like I am. They are scared to get close to others because they have been hurt a lot. They have a lot of secrets that hurt my heart when their heart hurts. I want so badly to tell them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it opens to a green pasture and a herd that loves them. Tiffany asks me if I want to teach humans to heal. I haven’t said yes yet, but every time she asks the idea gets better and better. Right now, I will support the other horses in my herd when they are done helping people heal, and one day, I might help the humans, too.


Gone, But Not Forgotten



Greetings, I am Sheeba, the eldest mare in the herd. I watch over everyone even though they think they are watching over me. I look small and fragile, but I have enough personality for the whole herd. My health is declining so there will be a time when I will be watching over everyone from the other side of the rainbow bridge making sure they take the best care of each other. I love spending my days absorbing the sunshine and fresh air in the field and eating to my heart's content.


I am Snickers. In September of 2020, my surrogate mom, Sheeba, and our blind friend over the fence, Magnum, joined the rest of the herd at the Oasis. The people here actually want to pet me and bother me while I am eating. I still think they are a little weird. Shortly after I joined this new herd, Tiffany started asking all of us if we would join them in standing and holding space for someone who was in pain. I could feel that this human’s heart was shattered, and I knew I could fix it. I shared my heart and sense of safety with him and listened until he wasn’t scared or sad anymore. Tiffany thanked me like she knew what I was doing and complimented me on how smart I was. That day I learned how I fit into the herd and what my new job would be. I love working with men who think they are strong but are hurting and do not want to show or admit it. I get to be strong for them and show them how being soft and gentle is a real strength.