The EGC Method

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® was developed by Melisa Pearce in the 1980’s. As a lifetime horsewoman, she recognized how horses have served humans throughout history and turned the tables to what she believes is their true calling with humans: healing.

The EGC Method is a form of coaching that assists clients in finding their emotional blocks and unfinished business that is stopping them from living their best life. The method utilizes body responses in the moment and is an experiential process instead of a traditional talking process.

The method is not traditional talk therapy and can be helpful whether a person is participating in tradition talk therapy or not. There are no limits to what the EGC Method can help with. Any major life experiences that are interrupting positive and forward growth in life can be explored and left in the sand, whether they are new or old, confusing or traumatic, dull or anxiety producing.

A major difference between EGCM and traditional talk therapy is the time it takes to achieve lasting healing. A person can spend years in traditional therapy and still feel incomplete. Within a few sessions with an Equine Gestalt Coach, a client very often experiences completion and permanent closure to the issues worked on bringing long term changes to their life.

While horse experience is not required to participate in the EGC Method, horse owners and riders can receive the added experience of a deeper connection with their own equine partner when they return home.

As mentioned above, there are no limits to what the method can assist with, there are also no limits to how is can be facilitated. Here at Happy Hooves Oasis, private sessions are available where the work is done with only the coach, the horse and client. We also offer group settings with up to 10 participants per group for those that prefer to experience Borrowed Benefit™ before they step into their own work. For families, we offer a mixture of these two styles. In all experiences set up through the EGC method, the coach ensures safety, confidentiality, stability, respect, love, and encouragement.

“You will never forget the lessons learned from a 1200-pound horse.” – Melisa Pearce

Some Reasons to Seek an
Equine Gestalt Coach:

Childhood Trauma
Sexual Abuse

Family Counseling
Life Changes

Conflict Mediation
Couples Improvement

Survivors Guilt
Personal Empowerment

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