Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans & Their Families

It is time to embrace yourself and your loved ones and leave each deployment where it belongs – in the past. Healthy family relationships are possible post-deployment. Using Equine Gestalt Coaching at Happy Hooves Oasis, we work with the family as a whole unit, a sum of the individuals within the home. We provide every individual with the stability and security to step into vulnerable courage, acknowledge their independence and strengths, and step out with peace and understanding of themselves and their loved ones.

Is there a type of madness floating around in your mind that you have missed too much to fit in at home?

What is the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method?

Melisa Pearce of Touched by a Horse® developed The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®. It is a co-active coaching method partnering with horses because they haven’t lost their intuition and wisdom over the course of their evolution. Every horse has their own strength in coaching. They each show up differently and choose to work with their human counterpart and client in their own way. The EGCMethod® is experiential and helps release blocks that are keeping us from being the best version of ourselves. It involves being present and congruent within ourselves and being willing to listen to what the body needs, not falling into the trap of what the mind wants.

Meet Tiffany

Your Equine Gestalt Coach

Happy Hooves Oasis has been a dream of mine since before I knew what Equine Gestalt Coaching was. I wanted to show people how calming and healing being around horses can be with very few words exchanged. Coming home from Iraq, I didn’t feel any better leaving my therapist's office than when I went in, but I always felt better after feeding the horses, grooming, or sitting on the fence and watching them graze. I could not explain why or how they helped, but I knew they were the thing keeping me on the planet. Fast forward to 2015 and what I was experiencing has a word: Gestalt. It doesn’t have a direct English translation and once it’s experienced, there aren’t words to describe it anyway.

Happy Hooves Oasis is specifically designed to be the place where surviving turns into thriving. Throughout my time in the military, the cure to every ailment was “take a knee, face out, and drink water.” In the desert, an oasis is an anomaly of thriving plant-life, water, and sanctuary from the heat and desolation that appears never-ending. Happy Hooves Oasis (H2O) is the sanctuary and the safety to relieve the ailments of feeling lost, unimportant, unnecessary, unheard, and uncertain about the future. We take a seat or take a walk around the round-pen instead of taking a knee; we face in and take a deep look at our souls and our life’s purpose; and we drink water…a lot of it. Come see and us: take a seat, face in, and drink water.

Equine Gastalt Coach Tiffany with Joey the Horse

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Happy Hooves Oasis Offers

Flexible Therapy Options

I specialize in family reintegration from deployments and long-term separations and strive to work with families while their loved one is away to make coming home that much better.

I welcome anyone who needs a sanctuary to help examine their life choices and blocks keeping them from stepping into the best version of themselves.

Phone coaching is available throughout the year to build on a session, lead up to a session, or instead of a session with the horses.

Happy Hooves Oasis offers coaching in group settings as well as individual sessions. Throughout the year we have workshops and retreats locally as well as a few fun destinations. Coaching can be offered as an addition to current therapy regime or by itself.

Family sessions and couples intensives are available and one of our retreats is family-centered.

Happy Hooves Oasis offers flexible therapy options for veterans

Why Do I Work With Horses?

Horses have been a partner to humans for centuries. They have done everything humans have asked while we have never asked what they had to say. In this method, they are very much a partner. I ask my herd who wants to work and has the most to offer when a client comes up. They are my connection to our creator and my source of learning and healing. They are firm in their understandings of life and gentle in their expressions and healing. Horses are also not a creature that people have easy access to anymore. Part of the beauty in this work is that no horse experience is required to come out for a session.

We do not ride or engage in activities and try to get them to do what we want; we allow them to tell us what they want us to hear and show up how they feel necessary. Horses also live in a constant state of Gestalt: completely in the moment. They don’t dwell on the fact that breakfast was 10 minutes late this morning or care that a lesson was canceled. Horses don’t stand and worry whether their human is OK when we are late getting to the barn or if we miss a day of seeing them. They enjoy their food while they are eating, they will walk up to another horse that always pins their ears at them and still ask for approval, they will stop what they are doing and force humans into the moment by doing things that are generally referred to as “naughty.”

My Testimonials &

Coaching Success Stories

“Tiffany is strong, very strong and yet she can hold a gentle, non-judgmental space that feels safe. Her beautiful eyes and smile put me at ease and allowed me to share authenticity.”

- Carrie

Emma Hart

“Tiffany coached me through a big decision that required big action for me. Releasing my pent up frustrations was so incredibly freeing for me. I now feel strong, decisive, and ready to take my action to make this decision a realty. I am looking forward to my new freedom."

- Morgan S.

Eddie Johnson
Mike Edward

Join Our Facebook Community

If you have already booked your discovery session and would like immediate support, join our private Facebook group to join other veterans and families who have already experienced their first sessions. This group allows the freedom to speak your truth without judgment or advice all while getting support to be free of the madness that deployments and trauma can create. Let us be your blessing of support, courage, hope, and safety through your healing process. We celebrate accomplishments and provide virtual hugs or pats on the back when needed for those times we struggle to see our clear paths. If we consciously alter the way we speak to ourselves, we can change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Reintegration requires stable support, hope, a lack of judgment, and a safe space to share our individual needs and fears. There is not a right or wrong way if you are ready and willing to start your journey through trauma and uncertainty to healing and understanding.


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